lawyers and legal consultants who had worked together on various legal projects met to integrate their mutual goals and professional vision. They worked hand in hand to create a single entity which provides high standard, flagship services targeting a segment of clients who aspire to be at the fore front in business in the near future.

Our firm boasts a team of lawyers chartered to practice law and legal advice in various areas and before all competent authorities, including judicial, semi-judicial, and administrative authorities and all government al and semi-gov- ernmental circuits in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, our firm has charted its own course, specializing in and giving priority to legal practice of a commercial nature. Therefore, we are making quality strides in this domain and our passion for pioneering motivates our ambition to compete with prestigious legal firms operating in this area. We will be there soon, God willing.

Our Services

Seeking to provide quality legal services, the Firm represents third parties before commercial courts and the Board of Grievances, as the respective jurisdic - ton may be, to include inference, investigation and eventually pleading and defense. The Firm pleads in all commercial business cases filed by or against traders or involving partners, and in suits of bankruptcy in all commercial courts.
Our law firm spicliezes in many legal services of the full process of registration of all types of entities.
Legal Counseling
Through its highly qualified and experienced team, the Firm provides all legal and Shariah-related counseling to clients through in-depth examination of all aspects and documents of cases and in all fields and specialties of the laws of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Notary and Arbitration
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is witnessing great progress in the judicial area, including simplification of legal procedures; our Firm provides all types of documentation in line with the Documentation Regulation Arbitration as part of the judicial system: however, it is a unique process which seeks to save time. Our Firm is keen to provide the most expeditious services and solutions to clients, including arbitration between litigants through our team of highly experienced and competent arbitrators.

We look forward to serving you

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